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Different Types Of Spider Vein Treatments in Phoenix

shutterstock_199774070-300x200Spider veins are the extended blood vessels with the branching pattern present commonly on your lower leg, thigh and sometimes on your face. These veins can grow in future and the number of spider veins can multiply and clearly visible through your skin in the aging process. It is available normally in blue or red color and you never ignore this vein because it has the potential to spread across your legs and face in form of branches.

If you notice a spider vein in your face or leg, you must visit a doctor immediately and take the treatment. In phoenix, there are many treatment options available for spider vein treatment and you can check in Google as spider vein treatments Phoenix and pick the best treatment depending on your requirement.

People with spider veins on face hide it and it develops an inferiority complex. The spider veins in the face are the symptoms of aging process and you must find ways to prevent it. You can either choose laser vein treatment or Sclerotherapy to eliminate these veins from the skin.

Before choosing the treatment methods, you must know the benefits and downsides. Both the laser and Sclerotherapy are time-consuming and safe treatment options, gives you little discomfort. It improves the overall appearance of the spider veins. You don’t want to stay back at home after the treatment where you can immediately go to work.

Some of the disadvantages are you require multiple treatments to eliminate the spider veins. You should wear supportive stocking that facilitates the treated spider veins closed and decrease bruising. After the treatment, color changes, bruising, scars may appear. You must analyze the merits and demerits before taking this treatment.

Since it causes because of aging, most of the people look for the treatments options to remove it to remain young. Women who have spider veins on their legs cannot wear their swimsuit because it is clearly noticeable to others and always want to wear a long suit to hide it.

Sclerotherapy is the right option when the spider vein is greater than 3mm in diameter. The spider veins larger than 3mm diameter are considered as medium-sized blood vessels and using this treatment the veins contracts and disappears permanently. You should not choose this treatment at pregnancy times or when you have blood clot issue.

Laser vein treatment is preferred when the spider vein size is less than three-millimeter size. The veins between 1-3 mm appear commonly in the face. During the laser treatment, your eyes will be shielded to safeguard your retina and corneas from the laser light. After the laser treatment, you may get side effects such as reddening, blistering, bruising etc and these can disappear in a couple of days.

The downside in this treatment is you must protect the treated parts from the sun and it is very much difficult to follow when you underwent the laser treatment on your face. It is better to choose the laser treatment in small areas and invisible areas like an ankle.