Mr. Snore, Can You Please Walk Away ? Zyppah Is Here To Stay!


How many of you actually know what causes a snore? Basically snoring is noisy vibration while you sleep. The air cannot circulate properly between your nose and throat causing the tissues surrounding to vibrate. Snoring could also mean you have sleep apnea. This is a sleeping disorder which is likely to turn life-threatening if not treated. Hence finding a way to treat or reduce your snoring using devices like the Zyppah,
is absolutely necessary. Please go through the below link to find out more about snoring and its causes:-

The market has come up with many anti snoring devices. How would you know which is the best?

Zyppah has been designed by an experienced dentist Dr. Jonathan Greenburg. The doctor has 5 “Snore No More” centers in California. It claims to be a stop snoring device. Most of the reviews received have also substantiated this claim. Most of the other anti snoring devices available deal only with the jaw and do not disturb the tongue. However, Zyppah straps your tongue firmly so that it no longer obstructs the flow of air. It’s true that you will feel uncomfortable in the beginning. As time progresses, you will get used to Zyppah.

· Cool look
· Unique design
· Attractive colors
· You can get a personalized fit because you are boiling it and then fitting it with a bite.
· There is an option to reheat it if the fit is inaccurate
· Combines the use of mandibular adjustment as well as tongue stabilization
· Has a 90-day purchase protection and can be returned if not satisfactory.
· Customer service is excellent
· You can get it customized from the doctor’s place so that it will be a perfect fit.
· The product is FDA cleared
· Zyppah has BBA accreditation which assures that the quality of the product is guaranteed.
· Works for patients with Sleep apnea

· Causes sore jaws and an uncomfortable feeling in the tongue for the initial days
· Sometimes people find it hard to sleep with Zyppah fitted into their mouth.
· Costlier than other products in the market
· Drooling is a side effect
· Your teeth have to be in perfect condition, No dentures are supposed to be there .This will affect the perfect fit.

When this product Zyppah has so many advantages, it wouldn’t do you any harm to try it out. If you have a friend or relative who is suffering from the same problem, assure them that Zyppah is out there to help. You may have doubts regarding how safe this product is. Remember that this was designed by an excellent dentist who is very sure of what he is doing.
Of course, as all people are unique in their own way, you need to go and check with your personal doctor. He will examine all the points and suggest if Zyppah is suitable for you or not .Always follow your dentist’s advice and do not rush into any conclusions of your own.

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