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How To Be Romantic With A Man

elitedaily-Marija-Savic-expressing-feelings-600x300It is very important to romance a man either you are just married or got married thirty years back. He must feel that you are special to him, make some romantic gestures to make him understand how much care you are showing him. It is essential that your relationship with him is fresh and exciting. Here are some important tips for a romantic relationship with a man.
Most of the men are very shy to open up their mouth to share their actual needs. Men like massages very much. If you find that he is tensed and stressed in the day end after his regular work schedule, you can give him light massage on shoulders, neck and back massage to reduce his tension. It would completely relax him and he would feel good when you care him so much.
If he is diehard fan of any sports game, you can buy tickets for the match and surprise him. You can go with him if he needs your company. Even if you are not interested in sports you can go with him so that you can be with him in his fun time.
You can surprise him with his favorite food that is specially made only by you for him. Let him enjoy the tasty and delicious meal. You can give him a surprise by misleading him that you are preparing only pasta or salads. Then instead prepare his favorite cuisine with some wine to the dining table! He is sure to be impressed.
It is not necessary to bring him expensive and big gifts. You can surprise him often by simple gifts that shows him how much you care him. Instead of gifting easily available items you can present him the rare things what he has been searching to buy for long days. If you are leaving the place before him you can write notes for him using some sweet words about him in the notes that make him feel you are thinking about him while leaving home. You can place the notes where he can find it easily like computer, mirror or in his car.
If he is more stressed and tensed of his work you must notice him and help him to make his day simple. You may try to be engaged in some other activities like washing the vessels, packing lunch or whatever work you do, you can try to surprise him with various romantic gestures. Help him in his work in turn he will help you when you require.
You can make him surprise by visiting a bakery or restaurant for his favorite dessert or milkshake. It shows that you have put your effort to know what he likes and this make him happy.
When you are watching a TV program together you can give him a foot massage rather than just sitting together in a sofa. You can make him blown away by placing his feet on your lap and massaging. You can leave him a romantic sweet message in the steamy glass mirror like I love you or I miss you, honey. It works well and turns a romantic moment.