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How To Find A Right Table Saw For You?

saw table

Among many tools, the table saw seems to be the most vital tool you have to buy for your workshop or home. The quality of your home or professional project is determined by features and performance of your saw. In this context website, my-tool-shed.co.uk will be very handy for you in selecting the right machine for you. Before you buy this product, you can also see some the reviews given in the popular consumer related website consumerreports.org. This site will give some valuable inputs for selecting the right model for you.

If the price is going to be the real factor for you, wait for some time till you can afford to get a quality saw. Going for the cheaper models will be totally at your risk as such products may not last long and even cannot produce the expected results. Also, consider your present needs and accordingly choose the machine which can match your needs. Any ad-hoc purchase without reading the table saw reviews over the internet would not protect your investment. Hence you need to consider many features before making your final decision. Such features include blade size, Arbor measurements, motor capacity, the tilting angle of the blade and other safety features.

Key Features

Though it is not possible to cover all the features, for the benefit of the buyers some of the key features are discussed here:

Arbor size: The accuracy and smoothness of your cutting project depend on the strength and alignment of the arbor. Table saw available in the market comes with an arbor size ranging from 5/8” for the 10”blade and 1” for larger size blades.

The power of motor: The size of the blade and the horsepower (HP) of the motor complement each other. A machine with larger size blades needs higher horsepower to make deep cuts. For example, for a 10” blade you should have at least 5HP and for 14” 7.5 HP.