What Are The Common Causes For Nerve Pain?

Woman Suffering From Back PainNerve pain is a different type of pain when compared to other pain types. If you have nerve pain, you will experience burning, shooting and stabbing pain. Nerve pain is caused by problems in the central nervous systems or the nerves that pass from muscles to the organs.

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Nerve pain is mostly caused by health problems such as brain injury, damages to the spinal cord, nerve, or diabetes, vitamin B12. Your doctor will diagnose the disease by taking some test and thoroughly examines you to confirm the nerve problems. There are different methods available to treat nerve diseases. The first step is treating the main cause of the disease. You can take painkillers and many other medicines to get the cure.

Even your doctor will suggest non-medicinal treatments such as acupuncture, relaxation methods and exercise. Some of the common causes of nerve problems include stroke, trapped nerves, heavy drinking injuries to the brain, spine or nerves, any treatment with radiation, cancer surgery, shingles, etc.

The common conditions that cause nerve pain are explained in detail below.

Peripheral neuropathy happens when the peripheral nerves are damaged. Peripheral nerves join your spinal cord and brain to the remaining body parts. It is normally caused by vitamin B12 deficiency and diabetes.

You will experience pressure on the nerves of your back which makes the pain in the lower leg. This condition is called as Sciatica. The pain includes weakness or numbness in the leg.

Fibromyalgia is a severe pain syndrome related with aching or burning pain in several parts of the body. The cause of this pain is not identified yet, but it is stimulated by poor sleep and emotional distress.

Your doctor diagnoses this pain using various treatment options. First, your doctor will ask you about the pain, what triggers the pain and when will you face severe pain, etc. Then your physician will do a physical examination and test the nerves in the damaged area. Some people may require nerve biopsy to verify a small area of nerve fibers for any irregularities.

In the initial period, your physician recommends you to consume regular medicines like aspirin, paracetamol to regulate the pain. You don’t worry about nerve damages since there are several treatment options available for the problem. Apart from several medicines, you can also try other treatment options such as relaxation techniques, psychological treatments, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

The pain may be continuous or might go. Sometimes you may feel the pain as sudden and sharp like an electric shock. The pain becomes very worse during night time. The symptoms of nerve damages also include numbness or tingling sensations.

Your skin becomes more sensitive to touch than usual. You will feel inexplicable hurt in your body parts.

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